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Delicious beet smoothie

Glowing and Delicious Vegan Beet Smoothie

This surprisingly delicious, bright red and creamy smoothie will provide all the necessary nutrients to enhance detoxifying the liver. One of its ingredients, beet root, cleanses the liver and purifies the blood. It is also a rich source of iron. Ingredients 1 beet, peeled 1 Orange, peeled 1 Apple 5 Strawberries (frozen) A handful of baby spinach 1/2 Banana 30g (2 tbsp) hemp seeds 120-170ml water Directions Peel beet and orange. ...

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Bridge Kicks

Bum-Centric Workout

Summer is finally here. If you are planning to going to the beach for holidays or you just want to look good, do this butt-centric workout for a toned and shapely  rear end. It consists of 2 moves The Bridge kicks Squats side kicks Do  each move 10-20 times depending on your fitness level and repeat 3-5 times Please leave a comment below to share your experience doing this workout- Was ...

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Halloween Series

halloween 8-21

Halloween Series- Casper the Ghost Workout

Hey guys, we apologize for not posting our day 8 video of our Halloween Workout Series on time. As the saying goes, Better Late Than Never. This workout targets your back muscles, triceps and core. You do this workout 2-3x a week to get the best body you ever wanted.   Workout Breadown Casper rows Vampire dips Pumpkin lunges with forward kick Casper twists  

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halloween 12-65

Halloween Series- Sexy Loser Toned Abs Workout

Hi guys, today is day 11 of our series. Our workout today is geared towards the abs. It is a fantastic workout  that will help you lose fat in your mid section. We called this workout THE SEXY LOSER TONED ABS. It consists of only 4 exercises. Workout Breakdown Sexy ab dazzler Tilted twist Side lying leg raise Pumpkin crunch    

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halloween 6-7

Halloween Series- Scary Flat Belly Workout

 Guys, it is day 6 on our Halloween Series. This means it is time to scare those stubborn belly fat with our Scary Flat Belly Workout. It consists of 4 fantastic fat blasting exercises to tone your mid section.   Workout Breakdown Chop the head {abs fat} off Stirring the Pot Twist push ups with cross leg Yummy Mummy abs    

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Halloween Series- The Sweaty Upper Body Thriller

Hi my fitnesss pals, it is day 4 of our Halloween Series. It is all about dedication. Ask yourself how bad you want to improve your health? Looking good is just a by-product. This workout is called The Upper Body Thriller and it will tone your arms, shoulder, chest and core. Do this workout and see your amazing transformation. Pumpkin in and out Push up Pumpkin Chest Presses Pike Press ...

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