About me

Tufi is particularly passionate about health, fitness & nutrition, and loves being active.  When not doing research, she spends her free time doing different workouts. When it is warm she goes hiking and when it gets cold and snowy outside, cross-country skiing is her favorite. She never misses a chance to lift weights.  In the summer, fall and spring she likes to go out biking, swimming and roller blading.  She seeks to be inspired by people who do things that matters and would like to inspire you and everyone, to be the best they can be. Her aim is to age the smart way while preparing to be a fit and sexy mother; besides that she is a girl, a woman, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a research scientist, Physical therapist and seeking health, longevity, vitality and truth with the aim of spreading it to all who are willing to learn from her.  She says that she want to have FUN; ‘I want to laugh and enjoy my life that I love living, I want to work hard, be fit and strong, and full of energy for life’.

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What’s different about your life now that you’ve completly changed not only your life but also the lives of those around you?

By successfully redesigning  my body through fitness and nutrition, I was blessed with the gift of self confidence. I believe in myself and believe that I can successfully do anything I put my mind to; be it fitness programs or projects at work. I  went ahead and pursued my dreams by graduating from Masters program in physical therapy and completed a PhD. program in human biomechanics at the Czech Academy of Science. This equipped me with the tools I need to know how the human body works, aiming to pursue my ultimate goal in fitness; helping others to help themselves from a more scientific point of view.  Physical activity and healthy eating brought me radiant health, clarity of mind, a great mood and kept me warm in harsh winters. As a bonus, I am able to fit and look great in all my desired clothing.


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