Hubby and I doing our thing in Central park
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Hubby and I doing our thing in Central park

Hubby and I doing our thing in Central park

Spring is finally upon us and it Seems is here to stay. Temperature in NYC is in the high Sixties and low 70 range. Hubby and I went to the city yesterday to celebrate the big THREE ZERO and 10 years of us dating; We have been married for 3.5 years . How time flies.

We headed to our favorite spot in the city, CENTRAL PARK, to relax while viewing the city skyline and hoping to meet hubby’s former class mate visiting the city with his girlfriend. We needed this time to connect given that we both have been busy lately.

As expected, central park was jam Packed and we had fun “people watching” and reminiscing about the past 10 years of our relationship and all the ups and downs in life. After a couple of hours, we left the park via Columbus Circle and headed towards Time Square for a Shopping spree.

Three zero-59

Three zero-6

Three zero-38

Three zero-50

Three zero-16Three zero-23

IMG_20140412_091921Three zero-69

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